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Since 1984, we have provided caring and compassionate dentistry to all of our patients using only the newest, state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Bradley Stearsman is a dentist in Owensboro, KY dedicated to three things above all: excellent customer service, quality care throughout the entire treatment process and exceptional dental work. Our qualified team at Contemporary Aesthetic Dentistry of Owensboro, KY will make sure that you feel comfortable and at ease from the first appointment.

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Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as special individuals is vital to our success. We understand how uneasy some patients may feel about their visits to the dentist, and how we can make a difference in providing a relaxing and positive experience. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care and service to make your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Our Experienced Dentist Has Handled Everything From Teeth Whitening And Comprehensive Dental Cleanings To Periodontal Scaling

- Preventative Dentistry Services such as dental cleanings, fluoride treatments and cavity detection
- Cosmetic & Restorative Denstiry such as fillings, crowns, dentures and teeth whitening
- Periodontal Dentistry such as diagnosis, periodontal scaling and root planing
- Endodontic Dentistry Treatment such as root canal therapy

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We understand that your oral health affects your total health and that a healthier smile means a healthier you. When you choose us, you can count on receiving dental treatment that makes this true. Call Contemporary Aesthetic Dentistry in Owensboro, KY today!